How has Hubble transformed our view of the Universe?

Made for the Royal Society Summer Science 2021

Over its 31-year life the Hubble Space Telescope has had an unprecedented scientific and cultural impact. Hubble’s discoveries extending from the outer Solar System to the edge of the observable Universe have revolutionised our understanding of astronomy and cosmology while its spectacular images have inspired the wider public’s wonder.

In this interactive you can learn about the Story of Hubble, find out how and why astronomers make colour images, and understand how observatories work.

You can learn more about Hubble from NASA and the European Space Agency. You can learn more about the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) from the UK campaign site, NASA, ESA and the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Hubble's Legacy was developed and led by a team at the University of Sussex with assistance from scientists at 10 other UK universities. Hubble's Legacy is also supported by the Science and Technologies Facilities Council.